Women’s March Patches!

Local artist Olena Perry of High 5 Arts has created a limited number of custom patches for people to wear for the Women’s March on Seattle on Inauguration Day, January 21st. There are two versions of the uterus patch. One says, “Mine” and is intended to be worn by people who own a uterus, and “Hers,” which is intended to be worn by people who do not have one of their own. The patches are handmade – individually block printed on canvas and heat set.

There is a limited supply of the patches available!

The artist is donating all of her design skills and time. All proceeds go to the Seattle Women’s March.

$1 each if picked up in person at the gallery, or $1.50 each for patches that are being mailed (must be pre-arranged with the artist). Additional donations to the Seattle Women’s March can be made at the same time.

Pay Online

Please take a photo of your patch in use, and post it online with the hashtag #SeatteWomensMarch.

Women's March Patch

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