Jim Sorensen “Birds in Shoes”

Scarlet IbisIn July and August, the gallery will be showing drawings from Jim Sorensen’s “Birds in Shoes” series. Each of the whimsical illustrations shows exactly what one would expect, a bird (or multiple birds) wearing footwear, but the details and wide range of species of birds creates quite a variety. In addition to the charming individual drawings, we will also have some cards, books, and calendars featuring Sorensen’s work.

We will be hosting artist receptions for this show during Art Attack (the Georgetown Art Walk), July 9th and August 13th, from 5pm – 8pm.


“I’ve always enjoyed drawing. One day during our yearly art retreat that we do with a group of friends, it popped into my head to draw a kiwi in saddle shoes. I love the idea of the combination of realism and something unusual. I followed by drawing a raven in high tops and a stork in wingtips. My wife suggested I post them on Facebook and that’s when Birds in Shoes was born.


“I was a corporate trainer for 40 years teaching communication skills which involved way too much travel and left little time for art except for that yearly art retreat. The pandemic changed all that and forced me into retirement which left me asking myself why I didn’t do it sooner. Now I have lots of time to enjoy drawing and hanging out with my wife.


“I hope you enjoy my Birds in shoes as much I’ve enjoyed creating them.”

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