What Happened to my Face?

ARTIST: Maury Edward Diakite

MEDIUM|DIMENSIONS|DATE: watercolor on paper | 18×24 | 2018


Maury Diakite was born in Bamako, Mali and he immigrated to the states at the age of 14. Having a multicultural, multilingual upbringing helped to create his diverse artistic expression. Maury has been an artist since his early teens; Working with a wide range of mediums and forums . Everything from graffiti to an intermittent career as a tattooist. He prides himself on never developing a signature style or niche and describes the inspiration for his work as “gray area”. His current passion as you can see is watercolors. He enjoys the overall lack of control that exist with in the medium.

Every stroke you put down you have to go with and hope the water is kind. So there is no mastery only collaboration and a gentle touch.

Total: $450.00