The Face

The Face

ARTIST: Raymond Street

MEDIUM|DIMENSIONS|DATE: pen, pencil, water | 0x0 | 2020


Sense of Self:

My sense of self is based on the idea that a self is a collection of smaller pieces. I imagine them like bags or sacks, described in Buddhism as prisons. These collections which form who I am are composed of experiences, habits, relationships, appetites, chemistry, and choices.

In my self-investigation I have found the lines which define the self are blurry, fuzzy, and bleed out into the world around me. I am a river flowing back to the sea, I am a withered prayer flag slowly fading in the wind and sun. Where my hand stops my pen continues, and when my eyes shut my body will fall further into decay.

Currently I am clouded with the flush of existence, my portrait is smeared and busy. Someday as my hand becomes still, and I grow older, I will erase more, until my portrait dissolves into the blank page.

Total: $69.00