Entries are now being accepted for the show, “ICONS: Contemporary Artists Speak Through the Idiom of Religious Iconography,” which will be on display in the gallery during the month of December, 2016.

We do not expect artists to create new work for this show; we are looking to connect with artists with existing work that fits the theme. The work does not necessarily have to be religious thematically, but must have some visual reference to religious works. Political and commemorative works are particularly encouraged.

The word iconography comes from the Greek εἰκών (“image”) and γράφειν (“to write”). A secondary meaning (based on a non-standard translation of the Greek and Russian equivalent terms) is the production of religious images, called “icons”, in the Byzantine and Orthodox Christian tradition; see Icon.

Submissions can be made by filling out the form below and uploading 2-5 photos of relevant work to the link below, or by providing links to photos of work online.

Upload files here. Before uploading, create a folder with your name to post the files into, or upload a single compressed file with your name.

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