Rich Fought “Over A Decade Ago Now”

Rich Fought - Strum

For the February Art Attack we will be featuring a solo show of black and white photography by Rich Fought.

Art Attack Hours
12:00pm – 5:00pm

“I fell in love with a city. I broke myself away from roots thoughtlessly planted long ago. Dedicated to growing a garden variety weed, ignoring the seeds of what could be, would be much more. A natural disaster would turn out to be the catalyst that cracked foundations, washed away that garden. From rural Mississippi, I set out to find where I belonged. With a U-Haul and my dog, I drove 4 days to Seattle for half-a-year’s work and saw more beauty in that journey than I had in my lifetime. The beauty of freedom. I wept the night I made it to Seattle as I settled into my sleeping bag on the floor of my new apartment.

Almost immediately this city began working it’s magic. People. Places. Experiences. Never had I been in the thick of such diversity, such opportunity for interaction and growth. I moved downtown, walked everywhere and soaked it all in. I had never before felt like I was part of a true neighborhood that wasn’t just a collection of houses in the same zip code. I had decided to start taking photography seriously as part of my metamorphosis, and I could not have asked for a more lush environment to feed that passion. These images don’t just reflect people, places and things in Seattle – they are what opened my eyes, my heart and my soul to a richer existence.”

— Rich Fought, 2024

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