Why Are You So Angry?

Why Are You So Angry?

ARTIST: Amber Raven

MEDIUM|DIMENSIONS|DATE: assemblage | 0x0 | 2020


I learned early on in my life that authority was bullshit and fairness was a myth that only applied to a select few.

Some of the things I heard growing up:
We don’t ask questions like that. It opens the door
for Satan.
God can see you and knows that you’re doing.
Don’t tell anybody, it’s our secret.
Your mom will think you’re a bad kid if you tell her.
Girls can’t do that.
You have to trust me.
What were you wearing?
Why would he do that? What did you do?
Everyone already thinks you’re a slut, you might has well suck my dick.
Damn, white girls shouldn’t have tits that big.
I’m going to tell them we fucked anyways.
It’s your job as the woman to keep your husband happy. If the marriage fails it’s because you’re a bad wife.
Your opinion matters.

I was physically assaulted at school and when I retaliated, *I* was punished. The bruises on my breasts were some how normalized and I had to fight to have my side of the story even heard by school officials.

When running for ASB office, my opponent (a popular boy) was given respect and the class was made to be quiet during his speech. I was told to go sit down and was not allowed to make a speech when I asked the class to be quiet and let me speak.

When attending a Halloween function, the police told me that a woman was offended by her husband looking at my breast and escorted me out.

I was sent home from work to change my clothes numerous times because I was too distracting, while other co-workers were not challenged on their appearance, even though we were presented similarly.

There’s much, much more.

Any authority that can not tolerate being challenged deserves to be destroyed. Fuck yeah I’m angry.

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