The Bones of Boudicca

ARTIST: Lisa Noble

MEDIUM|DIMENSIONS|DATE: wood, paper, glass, stone, copper, textiles | 0x0 | 2020


Lisa Noble a Burien artist and writer, has often used herself as a model for her artwork: “I find myself readily available and compatible with my schedule and I charge myself affordable modeling fees!” Her self-portrait art often takes on personas of metaphysical or historical themes as well as making concrete the ethereal inspiration found in dreams. She creates what she calls “Spirit Wreathes” using a cast of her face as the armature for the central character of the piece. The surrounding material helps to tell the story: In the Spirit Wreath “The Bones of Boudicca” The white drift wood represents bones while the papers and colors of the mask bespeak eons of crystallization and reincarnation.

Lisa is also a published writer and poet and is a regular contributor to We’Moon publications and had the honor to serve on the We’Moon Artists’ Panel. Lisa has dedicated 2020 to raising money for the wildlife relief efforts in Australia with profits from her artwork, volunteering as the South End Regional Director of the Global Art Project and hitting the streets with her Street Poet’s 19th Amendment Centennial, posting, publishing and passing out the call to vote to high school students and anyone else who reads posters on light poles near bus stops and street lights.