ARTIST CALL: Articulation

Show: October – November, 2018

Opening Reception: October 5th, 2018 6pm – 10pm

Entries are now being accepted for “Articulation,” a group show of works that utilize the human skeleton – whole or in part – as subject matter or medium (or both). The show will run for the months of October and November, months during which a focus on mortality and the passage of individuals out of their corporeal existence is particularly appropriate.
Work in any medium may be submitted for consideration, but 2-dimensional works will be most effective for this particular show. We want this show to be able to feature varied works by several different artists, so size will be a consideration. We do not expect artists to create new work especially for this show, although if the theme inspires new work, that is an excellent outcome.
Importantly, this show is not intended to be casual or comical. Works do not need to express any particular position or ideology, but there is an expectation that artists have some degree of respect for the dead. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact us.
To participate in the show, you can upload information and photos of work using the submission form, or send an email with a link to photos of the work, or contact us through Facebook or Instagram. If you use the website for your submission, create a folder with your name to post the files into, or upload a single compressed file with your name as the file name. If you have any questions, please contact the gallery.

Judy Rayl: Luxe Light – Embracing the Tender Beauty at the Intersection of Nature and the Human-Made,

Judy Rayl
“Moon, with Orbs”

The August and September show in the gallery will be “Luxe Light- Embracing the Tender Beauty at the Intersection of Nature and the Human-Made,” a luminous collection of photographs by Judy Rayl. Come by during the opening reception, or any time while the show is up.

My photography explores fleeting connections between humanity, nature, and human-made objects. I am inspired by the play of light on natural surfaces, the immediacy of texture and movement, and the spontaneity of human beings. I use no enhancement, filters nor retouching in my photography so I may embrace the impermanence of each moment.

In my view, we are not fully defined nor separated by our ethnicity and race. The people captured in my images are shown in the semi-abstract. Rather than focus on the details of physical appearance, I seek images which touch on the universality of humanity.